Cryptocurrency Scammer Chris Brummer

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cryptocurrency scammer, Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Center professor peddles fake cryptos, got caught, charged with fraud.

What is in common between a bullshit degree in “Germanic Studies” and a Cryptocurrency scammer? The link is PROFESSOR CHRIS BRUMMER, a Georgetown Law Center nutty bookworm better known as Dr. Bratwurst.

Chris Brummer is a notorious political hack with a preposterous degree in “Germanic Studies.” Brummer has an inflated fake bio and was recently caught peddling his worthless crypto currency called the “BrummerWurst” in a massive Bitcoin scam.

CHRIS BRUMMER, Germanic Studies, Crypo Fraud, Cryptocurrency, ICO, Georgetown Law Center, professor, Rachel Loko, SEC, Chauncey Brummer, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, Daren Garcia, lawyer, fraud

A black midget barely standing 5-feet tall, Chris Brummer is man from Arkansas who has crept up the ladders of affirmative action throughout his life.

Chris Brummer has ZERO EXPERIENCE working in business or finance or technology. But he wants to tell you how to invest in his cryptocurrency.

Germanic Studies, Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Center, Chauncey Brummer, Rachel Loko, Charles Senatore, Richard Ketchum, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, FINRA NAC, crypto

Deeply insulting to the public’s intellect is not uncommon for Chris Brummer, the cryptocurrency scammer who recently defrauded CRYPTO EVOLVED, a crycocurrency event in New York.


Chris Brummer, FINRA NAC Panel Member Has Degree in Grilling Bratwurst, No Reg

Cryptocurrency by itself is just about elusive as some Germanic Studies bullshit touted by Chris Brummer. For those who may not be familiar with Brummer’s tricks as old as loose women trolling the streets, Germanic Studies is the learning of singing in German, having sex with European Gypsies and getting drunk over Oktoberfest.

RACHEL LOKO, SEC, Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Center, Professor, Cryptocurrency, Germanic Studies, Daren Garcia, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, lawyer, fraud

A perpetual loser from Arkansas, Chris Brummer bedded his student RACHEL LOKO while Brummer was selling his cryptocurrency called “BrummerWurst.” Poor planning, lousy marketing didn’t take it very far. But RACHEL LOKO lost her virginity very fast, was sold out like some trash by Brummer’s little weenie called the junior Bratwurst…

Georgetown Law Center, Professor, Chris Brummer, Germanic Studies, Charles Senatore, Fidelity, University Chicago, Rachel Loko, SEC, Richard Ketchum, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, FINRA NAC

Sources familiar with Brummer’s history also state that Brummer has rock bottom ethics. Several sources have confirmed that Rachel Loko, Brummer’s current wife was Brummer’s “student” in a classroom when Brummer forced himself onto the alleged poor Southern Baptist virgin, and spread her with his defective Bratwurst sauce.


Trump Ditches Fraudulent Georgetown Law Professor Chris Brummer, Backs Brian Quintenz as CFTC Commissioner

Since Brummer and Rachel Loko got married in a shotgun wedding, Brummer was unable to plant his defective seeds.

Unable to get a woman pregnant, Brummer devoted his life to making more money, masquerading as an expert in just about any hot shit in any industry, like enmeshed in the cryptocurrency fraud.

Germanic Studies, Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law, Charles Senatore, Fidelity, Rachel Loko, SEC, Richard Ketchum, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski, FINRA NAC

Piling on top of Chris Brummer’s latest crypto currency scam is his long history of fraud, alleged extramarital affairs and lawsuits against him over the years. In November 2017, Chris Brummer was sued in New York for committing $100 million fraud, exposed by the Forbes Magazine in an investigative story entitled: Lawsuit Counter Claim: FINRA Actions Led To Fraud Accusations Against Non-Members.


Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Dr. Bratwurst with Degree in Germanic Studies Touts Crypto Scam