Professor Chris Brummer is a notorious regulatory abuser. The Georgetown University imbecile has destroyed the lives of innocent black people.

Georgetown Professor Chris Brummer is on the payroll of Michael Milken, one of the worst financial criminals in the last century. In the 1980s, Milken was sent to 10 year in prison as the “king of junk bond.” Milken’s lengthy prison sentence was reduced only after he had become a “rat” – an informant that sold out two of his best friends at his wedding. Michael Milken‘s ill-conceived “redemption” wasn’t enough to prevent him from getting an SEC bar for life, which prohibited him from conducting any securities business. 

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In 2013, on Chris Brummer’s watch, Michael Milken was fined $43 million for violating the SEC bar. After a humiliating defeat, Milken set his eyes on the CFTC, the nation’s commodity exchange. “The CFTC has no bar on Michael Milken. Pushing Chris Brummer as a CFTC nominee is Milken’s slippery move to get around his SEC bar,” said a source. “Chris Brummer is Milken’s front man.”



Chris Brummer is the ONLY black man in the all-white FINRA National Adjudicatory Council (NAC). “CHRIS BRUMMER is a hypocrite. Chris Brummer and the racist FINRA staffer Jeffrey Bloomscrewed over my pregnant wife, destroyed my spotless 20 year career and devastated my unborn child,” said Talman Harris to reporters on Capitol Hill. Talman Harris is an accomplished African American financial adviser. “Chris Brummer is a total fraud.”

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FINRA NAC is a rubber stamp for FINRA abusers. Is FINRA NAC an ‘independent’ review board? It’s a rigged kangaroo court…”

An updated list of the shameless FINRA NAC rubber stampers is here. In his pursuit of justice, African American hero Talman Harris has filed a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission against Chris Brummer and FINRA, in which the SEC filing exposed the Chris Brummer fraud, Talman Harris was exonerated.


FINRA’s rubber stamp “independent” National Adjudicatory Council (“NAC”) affirms FINRA’s enforcement decisions 100% of the time.

“NAC is a kangaroo court controlled by FINRA staff, a total gimmick for innocent people to fail.”

“Chris Brummer is a racist, a dumb academic airbag and a disgrace to the African American community,” speaking in the Rayburn House Office Building after meeting with congressional representatives, American hero Talman Harris had a lot to say about FINRA, which is headed by its CEO Richard Ketchum.

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FINRA is a “non-profit” government entity that pays Rick Ketchum $300,000 a month. Richard Ketchum is the highest paid “non-profit” government employee in America. Read more: DOES FINRA CEO RICK KETCHUM FACE RACISM CHARGES IN CONGRESS BEFORE DISGRACED RETIREMENT?