US Senate Kills Georgetown Law Professor Chris Brummer CFTC Nomination, Criminal Michael Milken Frontman



Readers may be quite familiar with Georgetown University Professor Chris Brummer – a lackey for the notorious, convicted stock criminal Michael Milken. In the twilight of the Obama Administration allegedly influenced by money from Michael Milken – who is a major political donor and a convicted felon (sentenced to 10 years in prison, pleaded guilty to 6 criminal counts –LA Times), Chris Brummer was named to a CFTC position in March 2016, subject to Senate confirmation. The CFTC regulates pricing and trading in the nation’s commodity markets which directly impact the lives of millions of hardworking American farmers. What about Chris Brummer’s experience in this highly specialized area? None!


Now with the Senate gone for a long recess in the midst of a heated presidential election, the Senate Agriculture Committee has outright rejected Chris Brummer’s only chance for a possible Senate confirmation hearing. Without it, a nominee is automatically disqualified – game over. The latest government action against Chris Brummer exposed Brummer’s laundry list of alleged frauds, lies and rumored extramarital affair with a FINRA “star witness.” Some say Chris Brummer is a disgrace for Georgetown University and a shame for the academic community at large.

“Dumped in the ‘trash’ by the US Senate, Chris Brummer is gasping for air in the hot DC summer – it was deeply humiliating for the incompetent Georgetown University airhead.”

But who is this controversial professor Chris Brummer? Why is he known as Dr. Bratwurst?

Chris Brummer is a 37 year old Georgetown University “law professor” with a ridiculous PhD in “Germanic Studies” – that is – making Bratwurst sausages, drinking German beer and dancing with naked European women while singing the Germanic opera during Oktoberfest. What about that joyful “sausage” PhD degree’s connection to America’s agriculture industry – a prerequisite for a CFTC nominee, and Brummer’s qualification for the CFTC position? None! Zero!

When asked about what exactly the nutty Professor Brummer does at Georgetown in a May 2015 interview with an obscure online publication “the Woluwe Independent,” Brummer’s answer was shocking: “I don’t know!” More, Chris Brummer spilled his guts out admitting he didn’t give a damn about his Georgetown law teaching job:

“I only spend 3-5 hours a week teaching and I have something calledtenure, which means I can’t really get fired, unless I end up assassinating somebody or something.”



The latest bombshell dropped on Chris Brummer hasn’t surprised anyone. The leading agriculture industry publication Feedstuffs predicted many months ago Brummer would be a loser.

Feedstuffs cited a direct quote from Senate Agriculture Committee chairman Pat Roberts (R., Kan.), which has jurisdiction over CFTC: “For the CFTC to effectively function for all stakeholders, we must make sure nominees have a solid understanding of agriculture and prioritize the folks who use the futures and derivatives markets to manage risk.”


“Chris Brummer may enjoy eating tons of Bratwurst sausages, but this guy clearly has no ag experience,” sad an industry observer. “You can’t have someone writing laws in commodity trading without a background in ag.” Others agree.

“No, Chris Brummer’s relentless chewing on hog meat in a Bratwurst sausage isn’t counted towards his experience in agriculture.”

Chris Brummer’s “subway train” to the rich and famous just got “wrecked in the mud.” Thanks to Chairman Pat Roberts of the Senate Agriculture Committee, America’s commodity markets dodged a deadly bullet. It was shameful for Chris Brummer but very good news for America’s commodity markets. Chris Brummer is the latest “Zika virus” for farmers – the man was unqualified for the job.

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