CHRIS BRUMMER, the fraudulent Georgetown Law professor known as Dr. Bratwurst is like a dead catfish laying on the bottom of a nasty swamp.

In the twilight of the Obama Administration, Democratic Party money man – convicted criminal Michael Milken funneled money through the Clinton Foundation to back Georgetown Law nutty professor CHRIS Brummer as a nominee to the CFTC, the nation’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The sweeping Trump victory has completely roiled the “night club party” for Brummer and Michael Milken.

Under the weight of President Trump’s “DrainTheSwamp” campaign, the Democratic CFTC nominee, notorious Georgetown Professor Brummer just took his “last breath” in his disastrous CFTC confirmation. The cryptic Brummer tripped on his way to a political landmine.

“Fraud, lies and nepotism are at the center of Chris Brummer’s defeat in a CFTC confirmation.”

Chris Brummer is a bookworm from Arkansas. Growing up watching boars mating in the woods, Chris Brummer has no experience in just about anything real in life: Agriculture, law or financial regulations. Known as “Dr. Bratwurst” thank to his college degree in “Germanic Studies,” the Arkansas razorback Chris Brummer is often ridiculed in the media as a “Georgetown ‘law professor’ who knows no law.” Indeed, in October 2016, Brummer was sued for fraud by a black man, accusing Brummer of ruining his wife in 2014 when Brummer supplemented his measly income doing a moonlighting job for the notorious FINRA NAC.


“Chris Brummer had zero background or experience in financial regulations. How could he fairly adjudicate a financial case?” said plaintiff Talman Harris. “FINRA NAC needed a black political hack to placate the Black Lives Matter folks. That’s how FINRA’s corrupt general counsel Robert Colbypicked Brummer adding a lipstick to a pig.”



The highly controversial Georgetown law professor Chris Brummer has a laughable degree in “Germanic Studies” – grilling Bratwurst sausages, drinking beer and bedding naked European women during Oktoberfest. Michael Milken’s push for Brummer as Obama’s CFTC nominee comes with a heavy load of garbage of his own: Michael Milken is a convicted financial felon dubbed the “junk bond king of the 1980s.” Found guilty of market manipulation to the tune of $10 billion, Michael Milken was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Barred from the investment industry by the Securities and Exchange Commission, criminal Michael Milken has been looking for an outlet to sneak back into the business of toying with other people’s life savings. Soon, Milken landed his eyes on the Georgetown nutty professor Chris Brummer largely because Brummer had some very “soft knees”:

CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Center, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, Aaron Crowell, CLARICK GUERON REISBAUM, Mary Henkel, Whitney Gibson, Vorys Sater law firm, Melissa Hodgman, SEC, Rachel Loko

“A black man from Arkansas, Chris Brummer studied German opera, loves money and sex, is obedient like a slave and the best of all, he is totally clueless about anything else.”

Sources say a deal was struck between the criminal Michael Milken and Brummer: If Chris Brummer were to be confirmed as a CFTC commissioner, Brummer would be installed as Milken’s front to manipulate America’s commodity markets.



Trump transition team told reporters they were putting a freeze on all Obama nominees, including Chris Brummer.

What’s left in the Washington DC political “swamp” is a simple question waiting to be answered: Will Senators McConnell and Roberts jam through Brummer before Trump is sworn in? Political insiders don’t believe a senator would risk angering Trump.

ROBERT COLBY, FINRA, Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Center, Nicole Gueron, Aaron Crowell, Ashleigh Hunt, CLARICK GUERON REISBAUM, David Massey, Daniel Zinman, Richards Kibbe Orbe

“The stench of Chris Brummer is so bad. Everyone is staying away from these two Obama CFTC nominees,” said a Hill staffer familiar with the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Wall Street Journal reporter Andrew Ackerman and a Politico reporter who have covered the CFTC process also couldn’t predict what would happen to Chris Brummer. They said they were watching, with a great deal of curiosity, what may come out of the political nepotism in the Chris Brummer CFTC saga.

“Reporters have obtained copies of Chris Brummer’s financial records. Brummer’s lousy financial status has raised serious questions about his qualification for any government job.”

Chris Brummer is deep in debt – the man can hardly balance his own checkbook. Brummer’s wife Rachel Loko doesn’t fare better either. The two free spenders have ruined credits. Can Brummer manage CFTC’s massive finances when he could hardly pay his own credit card bills?


Nepotism is not Chris Brummer’s only problem. A frivolous spending habit may have driven Brummer over the edge of the law. Deeper concerns about Brummer’s ethics and character have surfaced from court filings.

Professor Brummer was recently sued for financial fraud. While Brummer was at a moonlighting job for FINRA NAC supplementing his income, he allegedly ruined the lives of two black brokers by fabricating evidence against them so that he could have sex with a FINRA “star witness.” Talman Harris, one of the two wrongfully accused men sought assistance from the Black Lives Matter movement. With BLM’s help, Harris filed an appeal to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals which blasted Professor Brummer for making up stories, rigging a FINRA NAC hearing, fraud and abuse of power.

Georgetown Law Center, Professor Chris Brummer, Rachel Loko, FINRA NAC, Robert Colby, Charles Senatore, Edward Wipper, Oved Oved, Melissa Hodgman SEC

Should black lives matter to a CFTC nominee? Senate staff have declined repeated requests for comments.

President-elect Trump has vowed to “Drain the Swamp” in Washington. Nepotism is clearly at play in the highly questionable Brian Quintenz – Chris Brummer CFTC nomination process. There is plenty corrupt fish feeding from the bottom of a CFTC swamp.

President Trump, it’s time to #DrainTheSwamp and dump the Chris Brummer trash!


Chris Brummer has a puffed bio stacked with phony claims almost as long as the Alaska oil pipeline: a former Cravath, Swaine & Moore law firm partner – he wasn’t; an expert on financial regulations – he has zero background or experience in finance; “extensive knowledge about the commodity markets” – Brummer has none; Director of an obscure “Institute of International Economic Law” – which is a honey trap for dopey grandmas lured to pay Brummer’s year end bonus; and finally, Brummer’s self-proclaimed “accolade” as president Trump’s “favorite pick” to head the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) – which is complete bullshit. The truth is that Trump fired Brummer from a CFTC nomination which had been bought by Brummer’s patron – the criminal Michael Milken… Read morePROFESSOR CHRIS BRUMMER, UNQUALIFIED CFTC NOMINEE, MICHAEL MILKEN FRONT.


Here’s the truth about Chris Brummer: The 40-year-old fake Georgetown “virgin” was fired as a Cravath, Swain & Moore junior associate just a few months into an internship. Brummer has never worked a minute in the finance industry, but achieved his infamy as a FINRA NAC arbitrator – a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) kangaroo court filled up with academic imbeciles kowtowing to FINRA in order to supplement their mealy paychecks. In 2013, Brummer was recruited as FINRA’s “uncle Tom” and played a key role as FINRA NAC’s only black man on a two-person panel (a Chicago man named CHARLES SENATORE is the other imbecile member). Like a FINRA dog on a leash, Brummer violently raped the names of two black investment brokers, lynched them by a tree.

Edward Wipper, Oved & Oved Dragon Slayer Lawyer Grills Dr. Bratwurst, Phony Georgetown Prof Chris Brummer

While Chris Brummer enjoys chewing off Bratwurst, rubbing his oily hands on a fan named NICOLE GUERON, who’s known as Brummer’s mudshark, Brummer has never worked a minute in America’s commodity markets. After getting caught submitting a lousy credit report piled up with unpaid credit card debts, and then lying in the face of Senate staffer Neil Chatterjee, Brummer’s randiness towards his CFTC nomination marked him as the shortest tenure in the CFTC history, whose nomination was instantly killed by the Senate, dumped in the trash by Trump. Read more: Corruption, Nepotism Doom Georgetown Professor Chris Brummer CFTC Confirmation.

Chris Brummer is a country boy growing up in the woods of Arkansas. Infested with a hay fever from watching wild boars mating in the mountains of Arkansas, Chris Brummer has lynched a black man named Talman Harris, viciously throwing the lives of two innocent black FINRA brokers into a tailspin while taking bribes in a rigged FINRA kangaroo court. Brummer enslaved for FINRA counsel Robert Colby and got paid, led a FINRA gang rape against the Black Lives Matter folks, and defended the atrocious crime citing “regulatory immunity.” Brummer’s existence is a warping reality reinforced with lie after lie, exposed by New York Daily News tabloid reporter Stephen Rex Brown.


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